Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bird Nest Necklace

This is my one and only jewelry project! I've always wanted to be one of those girls who makes all her beautifulllll jewelry that everyone loves but this is my only pride and joy. I made these nest necklaces for my mom and sister in laws for Christmas and just now made one for myself...(mom and sister yours are on the way!) and I love them!

Even though this is a DIY tutorial, it's so easy you don't even need detailed instructions- trust me!
All you need are some beads or pearls or whatever you want to use for the eggs, gold wire, a chain and lobster clasps (unless you are just making the charm for an existing necklace) and wire cutters. First I put each bead on one at a time and wrapped the wire around each one individually, then added as many as I wanted, doing the same with them. Once your beads are on and positioned how you want start wrapping the wire around, over, up and down and all over the dang thing to make the nest. Seriously so easy right? Once your little bird nest is the perfect size, loop the wire on the top for the chain/ clasp/ necklace to slide through and that's it! Wear that baby with the pride becayse you made it and it doesn't look like a comb sheath from day camp.... Am I right? ( also that was a Modern Family reference, there isn't anything wrong with making a comb sheath!) But I'm just saying...


  1. Your craftiness kills me! Will you just make it for me haha, it's so cute!

  2. That is super cute Nad, I love it!