Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a week

Yes it 's only Thursday but today is my day off this week and I won't tell you what time I woke up at or that i'm still in my robe right now, oops. But I do have plans to go to the gym today, and work on some projects you'll see next week! In the mean time this whole week has been 75-85 degrees and that means snow cones, late night tennis, and days at the park! Also here is a mini shout out to my baby sista who graduates one week from tomorrow! Her announcement is currently gracing not only our regular fridge, but Bryce's mini fridge upstairs in the 'office'. And that is quite a privilege!


  1. Missing Rexburg snow-cones...especially the ones with ice cream in the bottom! Congrats to your sis!

  2. aw, congrats to your little sister on her graduation!
    and i love hot days when i get to have late night walks with the mister ;)
    xo TJ

  3. oh man. this is making me have 13 withdrawals!!!