Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally, a Method to the Madness

Accessories.  They're a girls best friend, but if you're like me... they're a mess.  I have a sea of necklaces tangled together and intertwined with rings and bracelets.  I can never find the match to my earrings, and I can never get the knots out of my necklaces.  I (finally) decided to fix my problem while also creating an art piece for my bathroom.

First I wrapped lace around a frame (I used a 11x14 frame) and stapled it on the back.  I used my husbands heavy duty staple gun.  He was pretty nervous watching me use be careful, they're powerful.  After your lace is secured, use a hammer to pound in all the staples to ensure they're flat so your frame will hang nicely on the wall.

Next, trim the excess lace around the back of the frame.  Use the edge of your frame as a guide to get a good, straight cut.

Finally, add three hooks on each side of the frame (for bracelets) and 6 hooks on the bottom for necklaces.  (Don't' mind me, I was just hanging out in my yard soaking up the sun while I was doing this part!)

Then, hang it up on the wall and add your accessories!  I was so happy with how easy this was! 

*Make sure to use a frame that will allow your accessory collection to grow.  I've still got a lot of room to add more earrings and necklaces to my frame.  This way, whenever I go shopping for new pieces, I'll have a place to put them right away!


  1. Great idea! I hate untangling my necklaces it's the worst, and it doesn't look like it took long at all to make.

  2. It doesn't' take a long time at all! Let me know if you want help making one! :)

  3. So cute K.C.!! It looks really good in your bathroom too!

  4. Such a great project, love the color of the lace.

    xo erica

  5. absolutely gorgeous!! loving the fabric and color choice!!!
    xo TJ

  6. How clever! I totally need to make one for myself!

  7. O.M.G. I NEED one. I am making one tomorrow