Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scooter Gang

Last summer, with some of our tax return money, both Nadia and I bought scooters.  With gas prices going up (and with no end in sight) we couldn't be happier cruising around town at 92 mpg.

Nadia's scooter, Ruby, is a little bigger than mine, but she's a beauty.  I love standing on my porch watching Bryce and Nadia pull up on Ruby.

My scooter, Dreamy, used to not be so dreamy.  When my husband surprised me with the scoot it was cream and blue with chinese symbols markings on it.  I've got nothing against the design...but I LOVE the color orange... so Shane spray painted it for me.  It was quite the process, sanding, painting, drying, sanding and painting some more.  Good thing I married a patient person, because it turned out so good!  

Now, its our dream to have a scooter gang someday.  Just cruising the streets on our mopeds looking fly.